Information about supply chain issues
Posted by Sverre Telnes on 24 June 2021 09:27 AM

Dear valued customer.

Indra Navia continues to keep our customers targets in sight. We would like to give you an update on supply chain challenges that Indra Navia and the rest of the industry currently is facing.

Although the global economy is recovering from the pandemic, we still see a worldwide shortage of electronic components. The consequence of this shortage is allocation of goods, increased lead times, and an unpredictable delivery situation. This situation has an impact on our operations and we have also experience these effects on our supply chain during the past months. Our market intelligence says that this situation will continue for quite some time and definitely into 2022.

The pandemic has also resulted in limited availability of means of transport. Especially air freight and sea freight suffer from this situation and we experience longer transportation time and frequent rescheduling of goods deliveries.

Additionally a global increase in demand for raw materials like gold, oil, copper, aluminum and steel which are all used in our products create further challenges.

All of the above elements results in severe delivery delays as well as escalating prices.

We have extensive dialogue with all our partners in the supply chain and are using all means to mitigate the consequences of this challenging situation. Our major focus is to avoid any impact this situation will have on the projects we currently are running for you, but as you can imagine this situation may still lead to issues in ongoing delivery programs.

Indra Navia`s project managers in charge of delivery projects will keep you posted about any changes in the schedule for your project. The project manager can also assist if you have any questions to the issues brought up in this letter.
Questions regarding aftermarket deliveries can be directed to

We hope for your understanding in this matter.

Best Regards 
Indra Navia